‘Energy in Motion’. Yoga & Meditation Classes – Private and Semi-Private

‘Energy in Motion’. Yoga & Meditation Classes – Private and Semi-Private

When I work privately with a client, my intention is to empower then in all aspects in order to create the life of their dream.

Together we access the challenges that they encounter in their daily lives and design a practice that is easily doable yet transformative, based on their individual needs.

This conscious movement of incorporating Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness translates into: “ENERGY IN MOTION “.



This vibrante Yoga practice is tailored towards the needs and abilities of each practitioner.

It focuses on proper alignment and healing the body of any prior injuries also balancing the central nervous system, mindfully incorporating breath, strength and flexibility, so relaxation becomes part of their daily life.

A series of Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and restorative poses are put together for each client focused solely on their individual needs.

This approach creates a home practice that is attainable and sustainable to say the least.

Quality of life and well being positively changes, physically, mentally and on a cellular level.



A conscious Transformational Breath is vital energy & our primary source of nourishiment

The practice of deep mindful breathing can transform your life in a very positive way. Deep breathing can be the the most effective method of activating the Lymphatic system, helping to flush out toxins, supplying vital oxygen to organs and throughout the entire body, not to mention controlling anxiety, muscle tension reduction and increased sleep.

Proper breath can melt stress away. The practice of slow deep-even breathing is balancing and calming for the Central nervous system.

Slow, deep and consistent breaths linked to Yoga postures (asana), is what distinguishes yoga from just stretching or toning exercises.

These are just a few of the benefits of deep breathing. What many of us do not realize is that the way in which we take in those breaths has the power to alter our consciousness, and affect our emotional well-being transforming our lives for the better forever.

We all have the best in us. Why not improve the quality of our daily life by listening to our body, mind and heart.

Let’s take that deep fulfilling breath towards good health.



The practice of Meditation allows us to be able to perceive the timeless essence within us. We are able to observe our thoughts without being consumed or attached to then. There are various styles of Meditation, and that sometimes becomes very challenging and confusing to the new practitioner. My intention it’s to demystify and review the simplicity of it all.

When all attention is centered within in complete mindfulness and in total absorption of the present moment, we are able to fell and touch or own divinity. The feeling of encountering your self right were you are, is incomparable and liberating.

Seat with me, let time flow and let’s pause together.

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Single class price: from $75 (in Studio or Online).

Duration: 1 hour or longer.

Discounts are offered on packages 3 or more lessons.

Schedule by phone 561.386.6086 or e-mail info@wisdomwellness.com.

This practice is offered in private and semi- private sessions by appointment with Angela (up to two people).

All packages must be used within 6 months.
No refunds.
We appreciate your business.


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