Meditation Yoga Center

Paying clothe attention to the experience, allows the practitioner to unfold and notice the true nature of awareness by just being. 

Meditation transcends the mind into a higher vibrational level, so we can experience the bliss of flowing freely without resistance.  It raises our consciousness into a state of awareness, allowing us to be mindful in the present. 

Body, breath and mind is here, taking the entire moment.

The practice of Meditation allows us to be able to perceive the timeless essence within us. We are able to observe our thoughts without being consumed or attached to then. There are various styles of Meditation, and that sometimes becomes very challenging and confusing to the new practitioner. My intention it’s to demystify and review the simplicity of it all.

When all attention is centered within in complete mindfulness and in total absorption of the present moment, we are able to fell and touch or own divinity. The feeling of encountering yourself right where you are, is incomparable and liberating.

Seat with me, let time flow and let’s pause together.

This practice is offered in private or semi private lessons (up to 2 people).

1-1 Hour lesson $75.
3-1 Hour lessons $210.
5-15Hour lessons $300.

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