Shiella Mae Bertulfo

Angela was extremely helpful after my back  surgery.  I was suffering for almost a year from a herniated disc that required immediate attention especially in the recovery.  Surgeries whether pervasive, or non require a level of consistent but effective techniques to bring both strength and pliability to the bones and surrounding muscles. Angela is very  knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated, talented, versatile,  and absolutely amazing! She really cares for all of her students and helps  whenever and whatever way she can! I love her so much that I’m now enrolled in taking her Teachers Training! I want to learn more about yoga and hopefully to be able to teach someday.   I am confident that I will be an awesome instructor just like her! Thank you for saving my back Angela you’re an inspiration!


Offers really good organic eminence facial! Microdermabrasion and so many more Angela helped clear out my acne prone skin, They also offer eye lash extensions, brow tinting and awesome yoga classes.